Materials For Your Site

Getting Materials Ready For Your Website

Do you ever wonder what materials you need to have a website built? Here are some of the most common materials that we will need for your website.

Domain Name & Hosting

A domain name is the address for your website, for example: If you already registered your domain name, you can do so through companies like GoDaddy or 1and1. If you are not sure how to register a domain, we will be happy to assist you.
Most companies that you can register a domain through also provide web hosting for a monthly fee. There are different hosting packages available to accommodate performance and storage needs. We will be happy to help you figure what package will work best for your web hosting needs.

Website Theme

What do you want your website to reflect? What impression do you want your website to create for your business? Theme ideas are very valuable material for web design. Even though we can come up with theme ideas, we want to make sure that your website reflects the message that YOU want to send to your audience. A well-defined theme can convert visitors into customers. So, never shy away from writing down ideas about how you want your website to represent your business or what you want to say to your visitors. Since your website is your ambassador, your website’s theme can really make all the difference in getting your business new customers.

Pictures and Other Media

Every website should at least have a few pictures on it that complement the theme. Unless you specify that you do not want any pictures or videos on your site, we will ask you to provide some pictures or videos to go along with your theme. We ask that you only provide pictures, logos or any other media that you have rightful claim to, in order to avoid any copyright infringement. See our service Terms & Conditions for more details. 
If you would like help from a professional photographer, we can help set that up so that you can have quality pictures and media to represent your brand.
Having your website’s materials ready beforehand can save you time and money. It can speed up the web development process tremendously, which will help us get you online quicker.